I am a dedicated professional with a diverse background and a strong focus on feminine leadership. With experience in various cultures and industries, I have developed a unique perspective on personal and professional development. As a certified business psychologist, career coach, and colour/style consultant I am passionate about supporting women in mid-management who are seeking growth and fulfilment.
With a colourful career spanning multinational corporations, recruitment, and project management, I have assisted middle and senior managers in advancing their careers. My expertise in matching candidates' skills, qualifications, personalities, and expectations with the requirements and culture of companies has resulted in successful job placements.
Having lived and worked in Istanbul, London, Bolivia, and Argentina, I have gained a deep appreciation for different cultures and a curiosity for cross-cultural learning. These experiences have allowed me to bring a global perspective to my work and assist women and organisations in formulating successful strategies for inclusion.
My educational background includes a BA in International Relations, an MA in International Management, and an MSc in Business Psychology.  I am certified in NLP Master, Applied Neuroscience, Co-Active Coaching, Image and Professional Development. I am also a practitioner of Lumina Learning Spark (personality traits), Emotions (emotional agility), Sales and Teams. 
Throughout my journey, I have embraced feminine leadership qualities, promoting collaboration, empathy, and intuition. I believe in the interconnectedness of body, mind, heart, and soul, and draw upon this holistic approach to empower women in their personal and professional development.
If you are a woman in mid-management seeking personal and professional growth, I offer my diverse expertise to support you. Together, we can explore the power of feminine leadership, embrace diversity, and leverage your unique background to create a fulfilling and impactful career.

Contact me to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and feminine leadership.